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Reportings, Euro Medium Term Note Program (EMTN), green and sustainability bond framework, ratings... All documents about Île-de-France Region's green and sustainability funding.

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Invest for a Green and Sustainable Recovery in Île-de-France Region

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Bio of Valérie Pécresse, President of Île-de-France Region 


Île-de-France Regional Finances – Key Figures (April 2021)

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Île-de-France Region published in March 2021 its updated framework for green, social and sustainable bond issuance.

With this updated framework, the Region is undertaking a transparency exercise on its practices and is also continuing its leadership in sustainable finance markets as one of the first issuers to disclose alignment to the EU Taxonomy. 

V.E performed in March 2021 an external review of the Region‘s framework and ranked in “Best Practices” three of the four pillars relating to the ICMA Principles (see V.E’s second party opinion on the sustainability of Île-de-France Region’s Green, Social and Sustainable Bond Framework).


As a reminder, Île-de-France Region is a pioneer in the field of sustainable finance as it was the first in 2012 to issue a sustainable bond in a public format, thus paving the way for the market to take off in the following years. It was also the first local authority in Europe to lay the foundations of a process for allocating and reporting on funds for green and socially responsible projects, anticipating practices subsequently established by ICMA.

In this new edition of its framework, the Region is not only reaffirming its commitment with the Green Bond and the Social Bond Principles but also positioning its practices against the upcoming European Taxonomy Regulation. In particular, when possible, Île-de-France’s green projects categories have been assessed vs the Technical Screening Criteria1 in order to gauge their substantial contribution to the European Union’s environmental  objective of Climate Change Mitigation.

In addition, during the evaluation & selection process, after confirming all activities are conducted in accordance with the national legislation and therefore Minimum Safeguards, the Region will measure its alignment to the Do No Significant Harm criteria1 in relation to the other EU environmental objectives. An example of this evaluation is being shown in appendix on the clean transportation category. 

As a leader in sustainable finance, Île-de-France Region commits to pursue adhering to the best market’s standards.