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Region funding

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Reportings, Euro Medium Term Note Program (EMTN), green and sustainability bond framework, ratings... All documents about Région Ile-de-France's green and sustainability funding.








Invest for a Green and Sustainable Recovery

Invest for a Green and Sustainable Recovery


On 22nd June 2020, Région Ile-de-France issued a new EUR 800 million dual-tranche Benchmark: EUR550m 10-year & EUR250m 20-year Green and Sustainability bond.

This transaction marks the return of the issuer on the primary market after 2 years of absence as the Région’s strong budget management led to reduced funding needs since their last issuance in 2018.

This transaction matches multiple records for the Région: i) its largest transaction in terms of size and first dual-tranche, ii) its longest transaction in terms of tenor with a 20Y and iii) the lowest overall financing cost for the Region, iv) its largest ever order book (in excess of EUR2.2bn) combined with high quality order book from more than 90 investors with strong geographical diversification, confirming the strong success of the transaction.

The proceeds will be exclusively used to finance or refinance eligible projects including a part to be used by the Issuer for its economic, ecological and solidarity Recovery Plan for 2020, as a response to the Covid 19 crisis, accordingly with Région Ile de France’s revised Green and Sustainability Bond Framework.

  • Gold Finance Leader Trophy, Public Sector (April 2019, Paris)
  • Worldwide Prize in 2019, Sustainability bond of the year for local authorities, by Environmental Finance (Spring 2019)
  • Most impressive local government Green/SRI bond issuer, at the Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Forum (Euromoney GlobalCapital in September 2018, Amsterdam)

Reportings and investor presentation







Euro Medium Term Note Program (EMTN) 

Green and Sustainability Bond Framework of Région Ile-de-France

Budgetary documents (in French) 

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