STAGE Virtual Reality / Data Science Internship at Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie

Date de mise à jour de l’offre

Decision and Bayesian Computation Unit at Institut Pasteur :

In the Decision and Bayesian Computation Unit, we question the computational basis of environment exploration and decision making from microscopic to macroscopic dynamics. We approach these topics through collaborative experiments and through theoretical approaches combining Physical based modelling, Bayesian Inference and Statistical Theory. The Institut Pasteur is a private, non-profit foundation. Its mission is to help prevent and treat diseases, mainly those of infectious origin, through research, teaching, and public health initiatives.

Description de la mission

The DIVA project aids scientific users in the interpretation of their imaging data using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environments. This multidisciplinary project is localized between the research teams of Maxime Dahan (Institut Curie) and Jean-Baptiste Masson (Institut Pasteur). More information is available in the following link:

We are proposing a 3 to 6 month internship for a motivated student to contribute to our efforts in microscopy image representation and feature extraction. This role will involve developing an efficient scheme to allow object identification, feature extraction and image enhancement using supervised learning. Algorithms shall be trained on a large database of biological microscopy images. The ideal candidate should have strong programming skills in python. An elementary knowledge of image processing is additionally expected.

The intern will have the opportunity to work with the modern computational infrastructure (GPU clusters) at the Institut Pasteur. Furthermore, the student will gain valuable experience in data standardization, analytics and organization.

Primary themes for this internship will include:

Machine learning

Data analytics

Image processing

Profil recherché

Scripting language experience (e.g. Python, R)

Image processing fundamentals

Machine learning APIs (e.g. TensorFlow, scikit-learn)

Niveau de qualification requis

Bac + 4/5 et +
  • Employeur
    Decision and Bayesian Computation Unit at Institut Pasteur
  • Secteur d’activité de la structure
    Enseignement - Formation - Recherche
  • Effectif de la structure
    Plus de 250 salariés
  • Type de stage ou contrat
    Stage d'immersion en milieu professionnel dans le cadre de la formation professionnelle continue
  • Date prévisionnelle de démarrage
  • Durée du stage ou contrat
    Plus de 4 mois et jusqu'à 6 mois
  • Le stage est-il rémunéré ?
  • Niveau de qualification requis

    Bac + 4/5 et +
  • Lieu du stage
    25-28 Rue du Dr Roux
    75015 Paris
  • Accès et transports
    Station Pasteur (Ligne 6)