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We are part of e-sport growth and maturity, our mission is bringing statistics and odds to the ecosystem. We work with media, professional teams and bookmakers. A second important aspect is how techie we are, we built a complex algorithm based on AI that watch e-sport competitions - and tomorrow sport - to extract statistics.

Description de la mission

PandaScore analyzes live steams of e-sport tournaments (like League of Legends or Fifa, for example), extract live raw data from what is actually happening, and deliver it in realtime.

We work with different game changers from betting companies to Esport teams and organizers.

Our current and incoming products are A REST API, a Websockets API ️ and pure socket channel which deliver formated data on games, matches, tournaments and more, in realtime or not. We also generate and render live stats for commentators and analysts.

We’re looking for a developer to join our fast moving team. We work on a range of interesting and challenging problems, from supporting hundreds of concurrent socket streams to orchestration of containers trough micro services.

We already ️ you if you're not only capable of building a solution, but owning the problem end to end.

The following are some examples of profiles that are relevant to us:

- Full-stack engineering experience in any of the following languages: JavaScript, Python, Ruby/Ruby on Rails.
- Basics in virtualization (Docker) and orchestration (e.g., Swarm, Kubernetes, DC/OS).
- Experience in architectural patterns of a large, high-scale web application (e.g., well-designed APIs, high volume data pipelines, efficient algorithms).
- Experience in real time technologies (e.g., Redis, RethinkDB, RabbitMQ, ZMQ) and real time patterns (e.g., PubSub, RequestReply, Proxy).
- Experience with web best practices such as A/B testing, test coverage.

But, first of all:

- Self-motivation and an enjoyment for a startup environment.
- Strong knowledge of common Web technology.
- An ability to balance a sense of urgency with shipping high quality and pragmatic solutions.
- A strong sense of ownership.
- Not disappointed by an abusive usage of emojis.

Profil recherché

Engineering school or Computer Science University

Niveau de qualification requis

Bac + 4/5 et +
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    Emploi - Economie - Innovation - Numérique
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    De 11 à 20 salariés
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    Stage pour lycéens et étudiants en formation initiale
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    Plus de 4 mois et jusqu'à 6 mois
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    Bac + 4/5 et +
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    40 Rue de l'Échiquier
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