STAGE Quadratization of ODE models via Laurent monomials

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Ecole Polytechnique :

Laboratoire d'informatique de l'École polytechnique (LIX) is a computer science laboratory of École Polytechinque doing research in many areas of computer science and applied mathematics. The internship will take place in the MAX team (

Description de la mission

Quadratization problem is, given a system of ODEs with polynomial right-hand side, transform the system to a system with quadratic right-hand side by introducing new variables. Such transformations have been used, for example, as a preprocessing step by model order reduction methods and for transforming chemical reaction networks.
Recently and algorithm has been developed ( to find optimal quadratizations with all the new variables being monomials. In the same paper (see Proposition 1), it has been observed that one may get a quadratization of lower order by allowing Laurent monomials. The goal of the internship will be to design and implement algorithms for finding such lower-order quadratizations.

Profil recherché

The interns is expected to - have programming experience in Python or Julia (experience with SymPy and/or Oscar is an advantage) and know basics of discrete algorithms.

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    1 rue Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves
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    15 minutes from the Lozere station of RER B