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In analogy to what has happened for classical signals with the digital and analog paradigms, quantum information has developed along two traditionally separated lines, known as the discrete- and the continuous-variable approaches. In the optical approach, the wave-particle duality of light has naturally led to this distinction. The discrete-variable approach involves for instance single photons and the states live in a finite-dimensional space spanned, among others, by orthogonal polarizations or the presence and absence of single photons. In the continuous-variable alternative, the encoding is realized in the amplitude or phase of a light field, in an inherently infinite-dimensional space. The typical detection and processing tools are different, based either on photon counting or homodyne detection. A variety of groundbreaking experiments have been realized using one or the other paradigm.

Description de la mission

The team aims now at exploring the uniqueness and benefits of hybrid entanglement light and at harnessing this yet unexplored photonic resource to realize first advanced protocols. This resource opens up the promise of heterogeneous quantum protocols and networks where the two encodings can be combined or interconverted in the form best suited
for a particular process. The experimental effort will include for instance the realization of an analog-to-digital converter for quantum information via teleportation. Hybrid entanglement of light can be also be seen by itself as a novel type of qubit with a double encoding and first principles of quantum computing with this resource will be explored.

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