STAGE Internship - Data Infrastructure Engineer

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About Kaishen We provide meaningful wealth management services leveraging a platform mixing the efficiency of robo-driven advisory with customer-first financial concierge services. Through our platform, we provide a aggregated and consolidated view of global wealth by capturing, and valuing in real-time financial and non-financial assets, we deliver recommendations based on personal situation, financial situation, wealth goals without ignoring lifestyle, interests, passions all along the wealth management journey. We offer our customers the capability to proceed online, and we act as the multi-instrument broker to ensure best end-to-end customer experience. We focus on long term wealth management and advisory services in helping internationalized, active, living life individuals and families looking to invest or diversify wealth by making meaning without compromising financial performances.

Description de la mission

What is it like to work in our team?

Our team is responsible for building the customers facing products and our internal platform. We engineer, operate and evolve our cloud powered applications using agile methodologies with time to market and pace in mind.

We believe thriving organizations emerge by getting the best of the whole team. We value passionate, communicative, pro-feedbacks and driven team members.

Your mission

You will participate in designing, building, tooling our data layer infrastructure

You will create innovative features to optimize our data layer for various data : market data, marketing data, customer data, social data, operation data

You will consume and build APIs

You will bring your expertise in an open-minded and agile environment

Environment: Circleci, GitHub, AWS, Scripting, PHP, Python, SQL/NoSQL/Graph and more!

Profil recherché

Minimum skills and qualifications

Computer Science know-how or any related field.

Experience on problems involving data manipulation and reporting.

You have a problem solver mind set.

You are a passionate builder, a crafter

You need to be a great team worker and a great communicator.

Niveau de qualification requis

Bac + 2
  • Employeur
  • Secteur d’activité de la structure
    Emploi - Economie - Innovation - Numérique
  • Effectif de la structure
    De 0 à 10 salariés
  • Type de stage ou contrat
    Stage pour lycéens et étudiants en formation initiale
  • Date prévisionnelle de démarrage
  • Durée du stage ou contrat
    Plus de 4 mois et jusqu'à 6 mois
  • Le stage est-il rémunéré ?
  • Niveau de qualification requis

    Bac + 2
  • Lieu du stage
    33 rue du mail
    75002 PARIS
  • Accès et transports
    Metro Sentier