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Harold waste :


Description de la mission

This program is well-suited if you plan to join a start-up in Ops / business development, if you are a future founder with a strong appetite for software, or if you want to work in the recycling industry and the circular economy.

Our mission: Harold helps recyclers leverage their data to build and grow their business.
From sourcing to reselling of materials, harold brings together software, market experience, high privacy standards and services so that recycling professionals can achieve more, better, and with more fun.

The data coordination internship : You will work directly with two cofounders, to help us build the next generation of recycling enterprise softwares. Your will coordinate and handle the data gathering / data preparation / data upload in the harold database / data maintenance.

About Harold: Harold was founded 18 months ago. We are a team of ten, supported by great advisors, investors, accelerated at Agoranov, and selected by and Wilco.

What’s on your plate

Data management: Each customer has unique needs. Your role will involve gathering, cleaning and structuring the necessary data (logistic prices, historical activity, contacts, materials they are interested in... ) so that users feel at ease with the product from day 1, and every day after.
Cool side effect: by managing this data you will progressively become a logistic and recycling champion! Data is vital to the proper functioning of the app, this mission requires great rigor, and curiosity.

Profil recherché

We expect you to:

• Be entrepreneurial, driven and hands-on (action driven)
• Have good analytical skills, not be afraid by a 2000 lines table
• Be curious: about others and about the recycling industry

Niveau de qualification requis

Bac + 3
  • Employeur
    Harold waste
  • Secteur d’activité de la structure
    Environnement - Agriculture
  • Effectif de la structure
    De 0 à 10 salariés
  • Site internet de la structure
  • Type de stage ou contrat
    Stage pour lycéens et étudiants en formation initiale
  • Date prévisionnelle de démarrage
  • Durée du stage ou contrat
    Plus de 4 mois et jusqu'à 6 mois
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  • Niveau de qualification requis

    Bac + 3
  • Lieu du stage
    96 bis Bd Raspail
  • Accès et transports
    Métro montparnasse, saint placide, vavin, ND des champs, saint sulpie