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Constellation Technologies & Operations is a start-up created in 2022 whose mission is to contribute to universal connectivity through the design, deployment, and operation of an innovative constellation of communication satellites. The innovations introduced by the constellation enhance the performance, sustainability, and resilience of the global broadband & backhauling services it will deliver. Constellation Technologies & Operations is incubated by the European Space Agency BIC program, accelerated by the Starburst-led BLAST program and has already secured its Seed funding. As the project is ramping up, the start-up is looking for a passionate intern to join its exciting and stimulating venture and progress on its ambitious technological roadmap.

Description de la mission

The overall objective of the internship will be to support the kick-off of the demonstration phase of the constellation consisting of deploying the first satellites and its associated ground segment. As such, the intern will work in close collaboration with the rest of the Engineering team to specifically support the:

• Developing of the end-to-end management software of the telecom network of the constellation. This management software is distributed across the mission control centers (including the 5G core), the satellite telecommunication payloads, the satellite ground stations (gateways) and the user terminals. This software will encompass:
◦ The session management, hand-over management, authentication, end-to-end encryption, QoS of the constellation, derived from 5G NTN recommendations to include the satellite radio layer
◦ The SD WAN/SDN routing algorithm to be considered in the implementation and operation phase of the constellation; this algorithm required to dynamically allocate the satellite resources to the different users in a constantly changing network geometry will be key to optimize the system usage and maintain the committed service level agreement
The development of the end-to-end management software of the telecom network of the constellation shall be designed around a 5G core network and will rely on:
◦ The architecture of the physical, access, network layers of the telecom network of the constellation
◦ The constellation KPIs (e.g. service levels delivered to end users, throughput capacity, synchronization performance)
◦ The constellation sizing parameters
◦ The end-to-end modeling of the telecom network of the constellation

• Developing the simulation infrastructure to instantiate in a virtual environment the UE software, the gNodeB software, the 5G Core and the SD WAN agents and random traffic generation tools simulating the up/down-stream flows of users connected to the network

Profil recherché

• Student in Telecommunication Engineering
• Passionate about satellite communication systems and motivated to get exposed to all aspects of their development
• Solid programming skills (Python, C/C++, Matlab)
• Knowledge of telecom network SD WAN/SDN, LTE-5G network and/or cloud virtualization desirable
• Knowledge of orbital mechanics is a plus
• Fluent in English (writing and speaking)
• Result-focused and problem-solving mindset
• High degree of professional integrity
• Ability and interest to work in a rapidly evolving start-up environment, and to get involved in technical areas going beyond its initial core expertise
• Team player and interpersonal skills
• Good presentation skills

Niveau de qualification requis

Bac + 4/5 et +
  • Employeur
  • Secteur d’activité de la structure
    Emploi - Economie - Innovation - Numérique
  • Effectif de la structure
    De 0 à 10 salariés
  • Type de stage ou contrat
    Stage pour lycéens et étudiants en formation initiale
  • Date prévisionnelle de démarrage
  • Durée du stage ou contrat
    Plus de 4 mois et jusqu'à 6 mois
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  • Niveau de qualification requis

    Bac + 4/5 et +
  • Lieu du stage
    3 Avenue du Centre
    78280 GUYANCOURT
  • Accès et transports
    8 minutes walk from Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines train station (RER C, lines U/N)